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Mathematics Placement Test

All incoming students who wish to enroll in mathematical sciences courses must take the Mathematics Placement Test to determine their appropriate starting level. On the basis of the results of this test, students may be required to take one or more preparatory courses before enrolling in the courses required for a mathematical sciences degree. For this reason it is important that you take this test before developing your plan of study. 

The test covers basic algebra and trigonometry and is generally taken during VCU's summer orientation programs. If you are unable to attend VCU's summer orientation programs or begin your studies in other than the fall semester, it would be advisable to arrange to take the test before you register. This can be done by going to the information desk on the first floor of Hibbs Hall.


Upon admission to the university each student is assigned an advisor. The initial contact with this advisor should be made near the beginning of the first semester. Students who are transferring to VCU from another university should have their transfer credit evaluated at the Transfer Center, located in Hibbs Hall, room 224, prior to meeting with their advisor. The faculty advisor is an important personal link with the university organization. The advisor helps the student establish a relationship between the student's special needs and the university services, assists the student in career selection, and helps the student understand administrative procedures. Faculty advisors also assist students in the selection of courses and the preparation of the graduation application.

University Career Center

The University Career Center located in the University Student Commons at 907 Floyd Avenue provides services both to help you clarify career goals and to assist you in locating employment as you near graduation. Career counseling and special career planning groups are available for those students who desire assistance in selecting a career path. In addition, the University Career Center maintains a sizable collection of career literature.

A variety of placement services are also offered to seniors nearing graduation. Students who register with the Placement Office will receive weekly notices regarding employment opportunities and may participate in on-campus interviews with prospective employers. In order to participate in the interview program, you must have a resume on file with the placement office. They have sample resumes and offer short courses to help you write your resume.

For more information, visit the VCU Career Center.