Course Overrides

Request for Overrides, Spring 2024

If you wish to be added to a STAT, OPER, or SSOR course for the Spring 2024 semester, please read and follow the procedures below. If you are requesting an override for a MATH course, please visit the math department website.

Spring 2024 classes start on Tuesday, January 16. Requests for overrides for STAT, OPER and SSOR courses will be initially be reviewed and processed as they are received. Students receiving overrides will be granted electronic overrides, implying you will be able to register for the class as usual through eServices. It is your responsibility to make sure you have no holds or scheduling conflicts that would prevent you from registering. Students granted overrides on or before January 16 will have seven days to use the override or it will be deleted. Students granted overrides on January 17 or later must use the override before the add/drop period ends on Monday, January 22. Students hoping to be added to classes may attend during the add/drop period (January 16 - 22) only, but doing so does not guarantee that you will receive an override. When the add/drop period ends on January 22, if you are not registered in the class, you must stop attending.

To obtain an override for a STAT, OPER, or SSOR course, please completely fill out the override request form below. You must include your full V-number and your complete VCU email address. If you are requesting an override because there are currently no open seats in a section, those will be reviewed to see if additional students can be added. If you are requesting an override because you received a “Prerequisite Not Met” error when trying to register for a class in eServices, use the Additional Comments box to explain in detail how you have alternatively satisfied the prerequisite. If you are requesting an override for any other reason, please elaborate completely in the Additional Comments box. For classes with multiple sections you may list all of the sections that you can take on the form, in your priority order. If you need overrides for more than one course, please complete the form multiple times, once for each course.

Override Request Form for Spring 2024

Students receiving overrides will be notified using their VCU email accounts. The electronic overrides will allow students to register using eServices and hence requires that a student has no holds or other scheduling conflicts. Please be prompt in checking your VCU email and using the override if one is received. If you do not receive an email, then unfortunately you did not receive an override. If you receive an override but do not follow the directions by the end of the add period, then unfortunately you will be unable to join the class this semester.