Courses in Statistics

STAT 206: Statistics for Elementary Education

STAT 208: Statistical Thinking

STAT 210: Basic Practice of Statistics

STAT 212: Concepts of Statistics

STAT 305: Intermediate Statistics

STAT 309: Intro to Probability Theory

STAT 310: Intro to Statistical Inference

STAT 314: Applications of Statistics

STAT 321: Introduction to Statistical Computing

STAT 403: Introduction to Stochastic Processes

STAT 422: Structured Problem Solving Using Statistics 

STAT 423: Nonparametric Statistical Method

STAT 435: Industrial Statistics

STAT 441: Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists

STAT 443: Regression

STAT 445: Analyses of Dependent Data

STAT 475: Time Series Analysis

STAT 508: Introduction to Social Statistics

STAT 513: Mathematical Statistics I 

STAT 514: Mathematical Statistics II

STAT 543: Statistical Methods I

STAT 546: Linear Models

STAT 608: Statistics for Social Research 

STAT 613: Stochastic Processes

STAT 623: Discrete Multivariate Analysis

STAT 641: Applied Data Analysis

STAT 642: Design and Analysis of Experiments I

STAT 643: Applied Linear Regression

STAT 645: Bayesian Decision Theory

STAT 675: Time Series Analysis I 

STAT 742: Design and Analysis of Experiments II

STAT 745: Advanced Bayesian Statistics

STAT 744: Regression II

STAT 791: Special Topics - Spatial Data Analysis

STAT 791: Special Topics - Time Series Analysis II

SSOR 490: Developing Professional Skills in Operations Research and Statistics

OPER/STAT 636: Machine Learning Algorithms

SSOR 690: Research and Communication Seminar