undergraduate program

The major grade point average

In order to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in the department a student must have a grade point average of 2.0 or better in his or her major. At the time of the filing of the graduation application the student will select those CMSC, MATH, OPER, and STAT courses to be used to fulfill the major requirements (see "major GPA"). The list of courses selected must include at least enough courses to fulfill the minimum major requirements for the degree and for the concentration, if one is chosen. Additional mathematical sciences courses may be included in the list with the following exceptions:

100-level courses (or their equivalent) and 200-level computer-programming courses cannot be included.
Any other course that is not applicable toward the major according to the Undergraduate Bulletin cannot be included.
A mathematical sciences course that has been omitted from this list of major courses (and from the major GPA computation) can still be applied toward the 120 credits required by the College by listing it as an elective on the graduation worksheet.