graduate program

Graduate teaching assistantships

The College of Humanities and Sciences and the Graduate School provide a limited number of graduate teaching assistantships for full-time students. The graduate teaching assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis for two years. The graduate teaching assistants teach labs for general education courses, act as lecture assistants, or grade homework and tests.

Graduate teaching assistants are expected to maintain good academic progress and perform their assigned duties in a timely and professional manner. Failure on either count will lead to termination of the assistantship. Graduate teaching assistants are expected to complete a full-time course load (9 credit hours) each fall and spring semester that counts towards the completion of their program.

How to apply

To apply for an assistantship, in addition to the application to the program, please complete the assistantship application form and follow the submission instructions on the form. You may download the Graduate Teaching Assistantship Application in pdf format. Then follow the instructions on the form for submitting the application.