graduate program


The program consists of 30 credits including core courses, electives, research and communications seminar, and a final paper (either an applied project or a thesis). The official curriculum is defined in the VCU Graduate Bulletin.

  • General Program Information for Mathematical Sciences
  • Operations Research Concentration
  • Statistics Concentration

All VCU graduate students must also be aware of the General Academic Regulations and satisfy the Graduate School's Graduation Requirements.

According to VCU's Graduation Requirements in the Graduate Bulletin, all students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and no more than six credit hours or 20 percent of total credit hours attempted (whichever is greater) at C level or below (C, D, F). A student in the operations research concentration or in the statistics concentration who receives a grade of C will be put on probation.

A student who receives either

  • 2 grades of C or below with at least one grade at D or F or
  • 3 grades of C

will be terminated from the program (only includes courses that count towards the program).