SSOR Seminar Fall 2015


August 20, 2015.  Speaker: Prof. Wei-Yin Loh (UW-Madison)

A Brief History of Classification and Regression Trees

Sep 10, 2015. 

SYSM Student Presentation I

Sep 17, 2015.

SYSM Student Presentation II

September 30, 2015. Speaker: Prof. Amitabh Basu (Johns Hopkins University)

Projection: A Unified Approach to Semi-infinite Linear Optimization and Duality in Convex Optimization

Oct. 1, 2015. Speaker: Prof. Carol Fung (VCU)

Defending against DDoS Attacks to Software Defined Networks Using Requests Prioritization

Oct. 9, 2015. Speaker: Hossein Moradi (VCU)

Robust Estimation and Variable Selection in Sufficient Dimension Reduction

Oct. 15, 2015. Speaker: Prof. Xinwei Deng (Virginia Tech)

Online Updating of Computer Model Output Using Real-time Sensor Data

Oct. 29, 2015. Speaker: Prof. Yongjia Song (VCU)

Mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) formulations for the pollution routing problem

Nov. 14, 2015. Speaker: Prof. Ilya Ryzhov (University of Maryland)

Approximate Bayesian inference for simulation and optimization



SSOR Department Seminar

Spring 2016 

Feb. 11, 2016.  Speaker: Prof. Cheng Ly (SSOR, VCU)

Title: How Firing Rate Heterogeneity is Mediated by Intrinsic and Network Heterogeneity

Feb. 18, 2016.  Speaker: Prof. Larry Leemis (Department of Mathematics, College of William & Mary)

Title: A Probability Package

Feb. 25, 2016.  Speakers: Toni Sorrell and Babek Saleck Pay (SSOR, VCU)

Title: SYSM Student Presentation

March 3, 2016.  Speaker: Prof. Nak-Kyeong Kim (Biostatistics, VCU)

Title: A per-base regression model for ChIP-seq peak calling

March 24, 2016.  Speaker: Prof. Michael Fu (University of Maryland)

Title: Stochastic Gradient Estimation: Tutorial Review and Recent Research

March 31, 2016.  Speaker: Prof. Dipankar Bandyopadhyay (Biostatistics, VCU)

Title: A marginal proportional hazards model for spatially-referenced dental survival data

April 7, 2016.  Speaker: Prof. Dave Higdon (Biocomplexity Institute, Virginia Tech)

Title: Connecting Model-Based Predictions to Reality

April 21, 2016.  Speaker: Prof. Xia Wang (University of Cincinnati)

Title: Functional Gaussian Process for Large Scale Bayesian Nonparametric Analysis